Monday, 30 September 2013

Graphics Exploratory Day 1-Collage and painting

Collage in Progress.
Using Emily Davidson a feminist who died trying to get women the freedom to vote was the basis of my collage. I think that it is defiantly important to appreciate the sacrifice Davidson and many suffragettes went through in order to give woman in Britain the same rights as the male equivalent. I feel that using Davidson will give me a strong foundation to create something powerful.

Finished collage
Above you can see a collage I created in class using little triangles of different sections of people's faces. I decided to use Emily Davidson as the foundation of my collage because of the strong female power which radiates from her being. I went on to add other famous women such as the queen and other Olympians. The triangle has been used a lot throughout my weeks and therefore is really fitting here. I like the way the other pieces join up but yet still creates an abstract look. I really like collaging at the effect it gives once it is complete I am going to create another image like this. The next stage after this creation is to make a painting using a viewfinder which in turn will create another design. If I could change this in anyway I would try to abstract it more so it looked not like a human, however I still think it is successful because it is really interesting to look at and it makes you want to focus on the different parts of the faces. Furthermore another thing which I would change if I could would be perhaps taking away the flowers from the hat as I feel they do not do that much for the collage and takes away from the actual face.

Image of the viewfinder section of my collage which I am going to paint
Above you can see the painting I used with the viewfinder as my guide. You can see with the collage next to the painting the scale of the painting in comparison to the small section I chose to paint. I like my finish painting- however if I could  change anything I would most likely like to choose a more abstract section of the face in order to make a more effective and abstract painting. However all in all I think my panting is really successful and allows me to transform the meaning of the collage completely infact it has transcended into a different image completely. The challenge which I faced when creating this piece was trying to blend and paint efficiently. This was because I had not painting in several months and forgot how to carry out painting once I got into it however my piece was able to form until the finish piece was complete.

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