Thursday, 5 September 2013

Time Capsule

Above you can see a note which I created for myself when I open the time capsule. I wanted my memories of the four items to be recalled but also to write down what I have learnt this week. Which is basically how these items are materialistic and therefore burying them won't mean I will lose the memory. Even when I die the items will just be objects. I chose red to be the only colour because it is the most vibrant colour on the colour chart and captures anyone's attention. The title is clear 'Remember'. I want my future self to remember therefore I used this word. The lines connecting the objects Is a connection of childhood memories.

Below and Above you can see my objects and note in the clear bags provided at Ravensbourne's which act as the actual time capsule. Having the bag see through makes the parting of the objects more emotional. But as well in the future I will be able to see the items quicker and link the memories faster.


Above you can see all the photographs I took to document my burying process, the image directly above shows a flower resting on the dirt. This is to show a reference to a grave because parting with the objects has a mourning phase or a moment of grief which I thought would be best shown resting a flower on it. The flower is quite contrasting and captures your attention in these photographs.

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