Friday, 13 September 2013

Fashion and Textiles Exploration Day 3- Fashion Photography

As I modelled my own piece, I had to photograph Christine instead in her creation. This did give me an insight on actual fashion photographers who wouldn't create the garment themselves but asked to photograph it still. I was able to have a fresh take on the piece and the best way to photograph it.
This is my favourite image I think the way the model is centred and the way the garment is on show is really effective. I captured this image by climbing up several floors, this is actually zoomed in because otherwise you would not be able to see the model. This is the models garment and it was my task to capture the photographs successfully which I think I have done really well. I edited the image in Photoshop to enhance the colours in the garment as well as the darkness of her hair so the whole piece is vibrant. I did take several photographs before I captured this one so I am pleased this one turned out the best. Even the stair case next to the model ties in nicely with the shot. If I could redo this photograph I would most likely try and zoom out and see if this effected the way I viewed the shot.
The image above is really simple, I tried to crouch as low as possible on the floor to create a powerful image, the models face is lost and covered by her hair so the sole focus is on the elaborate garment she created. With her dark hair covering her face the focus is on the colours on the skirt. The background as well impacts the way we view the photograph because it is plain white it is forgotten. This links with the way that I tried to choose an appropriate background for my collages. Below is the same image but edited differently. Using Photoshop I layered bamboo over it and changed the settings so it looks like some sort of abstract shape. I like the image below because of the shadows that make the garment stand out more.
Above you can see the skirt contrasting with the strong colourful stripes on the chair. Using the same idea of covering the face with hair having the model look down means the eye is drawn to where she is looking at the skirt. I think the skirt really stand out here and therefore is successful. If I could change anything I would probably lighten the background a little more because it creates a gloomy looking feel.

Looking again at the idea of contrast I used the lockers as the backdrop od shooting the model. This time I decided to crop the legs and top of head almost as if you are looking in on something. The lockers contrast every well and also carries out the geometric theme of the garment. I think this is a really nice image and could be reproduced as a print in a graphic style something to consider creating.

Above I used the same position without the hair, this was just o see the impact of revealing the face of the model and if this actually made any difference when it comes to focusing on the garment. I chose too edit this photo so that the skirt is left in colour and noticed therefore more. I also used the small bit of pink in the skirt to add a steak over the eyes to equal out the colour. This was a nice piece of experimentation which I probably would have liked to do more on all my other photographs.

This is an image I did simply again to experiment. Using the same idea of getting rid of the colour other than the skirt so the focus is mostly on the skirt itself. Using a background I edited and worked on the lighting a little better to create a futuristic look this was applied just to carry on a theme. The Future is here was applied to link the memory project into the piece and support the image in the same way a lot of the fashion pages in magazines have text on them.

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  1. I really like the further experimentation with the image.