Thursday, 26 September 2013

3D Exploratory Day 3 Spaghetti Construction Finished piece photographs

You can see in this show the symmetrical  look 
of the structure. This excites the eyes as well as the
perspective of the ball you are closest too.

Above are some of the shots from my finished  creations, I overall found this task really fun probably because I was more confident with everything I had learnt from my other constructions this week. I think that this is a really nice outcome, as a piece of architecture the piece is really nice and symmetrical, I could imagine the balls as different room pods. Taking a picture with the little man model demonstrates the scale of the piece of architecture. I really liked the shadow the spaghetti structure made on the wall and try to enhance this with light.

 A lot of people praise my creation which made me feel proud of the work I had created. This task has allowed me to see how much I could develop in a week and how much I can focus on construction and making the spaghetti sturdy. If I could redo this piece of work again I would probably make the piece more neat and more equal,  this would make  the finished creation look even more like a building. Furthermore making the structure look  neater would allow viewers to appreciate the design and not on the  messiness of the  construction. I think that the way I presented the balls on the structure was really interesting and successful. The balls  are symmetrical and emphasise the centre form tying the piece in nicely. The things which I found difficult was gluing the sticks together because a lot of the time they wouldn't stay and the glue would burn me. However I persisted and because of this was rewarded with a successful outcome.

Above you can see how I have used the construction to hold my personal items. Changing the balls to items makes the structure look like an actual product which could be used to hold items.

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