Monday, 23 September 2013

3D Exploratory day 1

Construction 1

You can see the created structures place together which will ensure the piece is stable and will hold hopefully both me and my partner.
Above you can see how we try to keep considering compacting the structure in order to make it fit to the tried we are set. Simply folding the cardboard in half meant we could make the piece compact enough to fit under the bar we needed to.
Adding to layers of cardboard on top will make the structure more comfortable and efficient for users another element me and my partner was considering throughout the process. However when we tried to sit on this it proved hard because it was leaning over the edges and we weren't able to see where we should sit. We ended up ruining the top pieces of card and we had to consider a different way to use the cardboard to create a structure.

The problem that we had was that the tape would  not always stick to the cardboard which meant it would flap open consequently breaking the structures we made. In order to ensure that the tape would stick we tried to keep applying a goof amount.

Compact structure. Below you can see my partner trying to sit on the construction without the top but again this didn't prove successful and we needed to discover a new way to make the piece.

Construction 2 ideas as well as final structure
Our problem was that the structures were not as stable as we like when we sat on it. To overcome this we decided to roll up the cardboard up and position them so we could sit on it. Below you can see the different types of possible structures which would support both our weights remembering that we don't have to just sit we can also stand.

Above is the finished piece which we created in order to fit the brief. The next post shows what happened when we tried it and a more in depth analysis.

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