Thursday, 5 September 2013

Time Capsule A short Video

When we were given the Time Capsule task we did not necessarily bury the actual items themselves; for instance we could bury a photograph or an illustrations however I felt this wasn't personal enough and if I was going to bury a photograph or illustration it would not effect me in the same way burying the actual items would be. So therefore I decided to bury the real items to feel and see how I would actual react.

When burying my objects in the ground I was actually quite sad because it felt like I was leaving behind memories, so I decided to create this short, short video of me burying my objects. The music enhances the way I felt to everyone else watching. The video is meant to present and enhance my feeling to viewers therefore when I added slow motion to the dirt piling for the first time it is how I perceived it. If I was going to improve this video and I would if I could I would film from different angles and make the hole seem deeper because the video hasn't picked up the depth of the hole.

1 comment:

  1. I really like the inclusion of a short film as it allows us to be included within this event and transports us to the time of the actual burial. It also portrays the emotions you feel about the event in an interesting and sincere way.