Friday, 6 September 2013

My Timeline

Below you can see the timeline I created in class. After seeing a presentation in class I really liked the idea of the bulletin board. This is because of the way order of time gets pushed to the back of the board. I started created a timeline using pins seen above to set out an analytical measure of my time of Ravensbourne this week. I used a key in my sketchbook to show the different feelings and events in time. After creating this I created another timeline(seen above) that used colour to represent a different day. The overlapping of each image is to show how my memory works because I find it hard to pinpoint which memory came first therefore linking each image made it easier for me to put the order in time. The timeline is read right to left and then down the same way you would if you were to read a book. However if I could improve this I would keep it going left to right so it is easier to see the time.

The Crit
So within our Blog groups (A group of five students) we discussed and showed our timelines. This was a good reflective time to not just see what I could do to improve but also see how everyone else's perception of the week. The crit allowed me to explore what changes I could do to make this piece of work better. Having fresh comments after looking and creating the piece after creating my work helped me a lot to see what imporvements I should carry out. (I will speak more about this tasks once I have imporved my piece.)

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