Thursday, 12 September 2013

Fashion and Textiles Exploration Day 3- The different elements/ Process

You can see in this picture the front section of the piece. Like you can see from my sketches I used the triangle sample as the main element of the piece, however I kept the idea of using ruffles bending up the edges of the ruffle to create more of a 3D look. Creating a shape that would wear well was challenging at the beginning however I found the process after the initial start really enjoyable and flowing. The front has a sharp and powerful look, which is the concept I was going for-the look looks like armour.
Above you can see one of the last elements of the sleeves; I didn't really get to finish this however I like this element of the sleeve. I used three different bands one on the upper arm, one on the elbow and one on the forearm. Then I used strips of paper through the three bands so that the arm is still mobile. I then proceeded to used the photocopy of the weaving sample- from my memory project to weave back through. This I felt was a really nice element to my accessory. Furthermore if I was able to do this sleeve on someone else instead of my own arm it would have turned out much neater and better.

Here you can see the back of the piece, you can see how the piece is not stuck together yet however, as I am not as small in the back I knew I would need someone to help me into it then secure it. The different shapes I think look really strong and fits well with the front of the piece which is successful. The only thing I wish I could change was making the back a little more strong because after wearing the piece the shoulders sometimes flopped I would secure the spikes more to the back so they stayed up obviously because they were made from paper this could be another reason as to why they might flop.

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