Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Contextual Studies Day 2 Tate Modern Photographs

Sketchbook at the ready here you can see me on the way to the next floors.
Above you can see one of the images in 'Russian Revolutionary Posters' room; in the category of Poetry and dream. This image stood out to me because of the bold colours red and black which even in this picture is striking. Also in this room this was the only wall which wasn't cluttered and on its own. Because of this the poster really connected with me and it kept drawing my eyes. I drew this a sketch of this image in my sketchbook as well because of the way it attracted my gaze.

Above you can see two photographs from the same room. These two pieces of work that again captured my attention

As part of the Contextual studies week I went to the Tate Modern in order to choose a room to review. Whilst at my time at the Tate Modern there were many things that caught my attention so I chose to snap some photographs of the things that caught my attention. All of the photographs are from the Tate. I think this process is very important because it means I can document the things which catch my attention so I could use later on if I wanted to.

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