Thursday, 26 September 2013

3D Exploratory Day 3 Spaghetti Protection and the basketball

 After creating the structures we were set the task to protect the constructions from pressure from above. This was the only piece of information given. As my structure has a sharp point it had a slight advantage but it obviously still lacked some protection. To correct this I took inspiration from the foam chips packed with fragile  products in boxes. After I made a 3D cone and slipped it into the structure I teared and folded loads  of pieces of paper and applied it into the structure. This took longer than I anticipated and I did not get enough time to consider the other parts of the spaghetti on show. This has allowed me to consider my time management and focus on creating something quicker in the time frame.
Below you can see a video that I created to show whether or not it was successful and as you can see it did not protect my piece. However the tutor said it wasn't bad which made me consider how I could have made it better. A lot of people worked over there structure If I could have had more time I would have built over the structure to enhance its protection. I have learnt from the ability to think of ways your product or item could be damaged. Although this doesn't really have that much in to do with the project it Is something I hadn't really realised I could do. This task allowed me to see how other students interpreted the brief differently and thus meant I could gain different ideas.
Above you can see a video that I made to document the test of my protection of the spaghetti construction. As well as my protection you can see everyone else's in my class which allowed me to see what protections worked the best and how I could have possibly done better. In the video I slowed down my 'attack' as it were to see the impact in a slow motion.

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