Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Fashion and Textiles Exploration Day One Samples

Creating Samples

Today we was asked to create several samples using paper based on either image, font or texture. As I really liked the different ways texture could be used so I decided to explore this as my prototype. Using paper as our medium we could create different 3D Samples creating as much texture as possible.

Above you can see one of the samples I created, I wanted to look closely at layering and the way this could be presented. I used the Serpentine as inspiration in the way she carries out repetitive shapes over and over. This layering technique is also used on the back meaning it can stand up and is very thick. If  I could explore this sample more I would look at different colours I could use.
Using one of the responses of Blade Runner I photocopied in colour and started to play around with folding. After carrying this out I worked into the folder shapes with different squares to create another ruffle effect.
Using one of the 'boring pages' of my sketchbook I photocopied and cut many different strips where I proceeded to weave with brown paper. I kinked the brown paper to create dips for the photocopied section allowing the piece be more 3D. If I could redo this I would make the piece more 3D and play around with smaller sections to make the weave more effective. I like the red watercolour from the photocopy because it makes me look at these sections more.

 Above you can see more samples that I created using brown paper and white paper. Folding and weaving the paper allows me to see just how texture can be created.

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