Monday, 30 September 2013

Summary of the week 3D Exploration week

This week revealed quite a lot for me. After doing the week I have realised that the 3D Pathway isn't for me. Although I found all the task really fun and thought provoking I did not get the same connection I did with the other courses therefore I feel this week has been really helpful in helping me discover what I will be doing in the near future. All the tasks that I carried out was really interesting and very hands on throughout the tasks there were many obstacles and I had to think carefully what to do especially the tasks we didn't had to design. I did find certain tasks harder for instance creating the bottle holder because I had never before thought/seen a way to support a bottle before. Although I liked all that I made not all of the things I created  was functional and performed the tasks that they were meant to. If I could re work these outcomes I would be able to see where they went wrong and improve it.

During the task process I received a variety of comments from staff and student. Some were positive and others realistic allowing me to look more in depth at a task I was doing at the time. This was most obvious when I was trying to build a structure for two people with another  student. The tutors and students doubted the way it stood which in turn made me and my partner think about how we could physically look better. During the bridge making task the tutor really liked my idea of making a mechanical lever that would allow the bridge to  come up and down via a twist motion.  Because of his enthusiasm and interest it did pushed me further to see how I could best demonstrate this- In the end it was successful.

I think that the bridge that we created in class was successful because it was different from all the others in the class. We were the only ones to try a multifunctional bridge that went up and down. On top of that many of the class and even some of the tutors didn't think our bridge would work and when it did it made us feel proud of what we had accomplished. The spaghetti construction was more successful than my other creations because I feel I had more time to plan and sketch ideas. Certain aspects that I was not really happy with was the bottle holder at the beginning of the week  because I had no idea how to start the project and wasted time thinking instead of doing. This is something I need to consider when carrying out time management.

Because of  the challenges I have faced and outcomes I have produced I have gained a much greater understanding on how to think about a construction and human interaction with a product. This is something which is needed throughout  the pathway and therefore is a really important piece of knowledge.  The second thing I have learnt from my week at the 3D Pathway was the concept to design things using random inspirations such as a squiggle or dots. This was the first time I had ever carried out anything liked this and proved very helpful. It fuelled ideas and was a fun way to propel ideas when you can not think of anymore. Collaboration was another thing I learnt this week during the bride building  and chair support tasks. I was able to interact with other students and see how we were able to come together and think of different ideas. This is something I will defiantly be  using in the future and therefore was a good experience.

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