Monday, 23 September 2013

3D Exploratory Day 1 Designing exercise and Bottle structure

Above and below you can see two pages filled with designs created without really thinking about what to do. By this I mean during this exercise we were given the opportunity to be told to draw a squiggle for instance and then be asked to make it into a chair to hold two humans and a cat. I found this exercise really helpful because it made me think less and do more.

Structure to hold a bottle of water


Above you can see me showing how my structure held the bottle. The structure did not unfortunately last. This is because it was not stable enough at the bottom of the structure which is what I would do if I could carry on with the process. Doing this task as taught me to consider function and look and try to think about how products should be presented. Here you can see some photographs of my structure I created in order to hold a bottle of water. I struggled a lot with coming up with a design but at the end of it I decided I was going to go for it and I began to create something better than what I thought the bottle should be held on an angle. The spikes on he structure has applied to make the piece striking. I don't like the finish creation because it wasn't successful and I don't think that the appearance is that appealing either. This in mind I am able to think of how I can present it better, perhaps adding more strength to the outside or creating a better platform where the bottle can actually rest and stand up on the paper. I did get a lot of ideas the way in which other members in my class carried out there working time.

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