Tuesday, 24 September 2013

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The day was insightful and allowed me to have my first large group collaboration. We were given instruction to create a bridge that would allow a toy car to go over it. This would mean the structure would be strong enough to do this but also high enough that a table('boat') could go under it. To do this we brainstormed in class in our group of six. Louise one of the people in our group came up with a concept on a piece of paper. After developing the idea in my sketchbook for everyone to see we
were able to start the progress of making.

We all allocated each other different task to carry out throughout the whole construction which made the task run smoothly and in time. However there was many problems that have occurred. The first one being trying to make the long sheet in the middle stay stable. We arise this problem by using the bamboo sticks to thread under and tape. Another one was making the draw bridge like bridge fold up and fold down again without the bridge snapping out of that tape it was doing every time we pulled it. I came up with the idea of creating a mechanical lever which would bring the bridge up and down whenever we wanted. I think this was a really nice touch and made as unique to all the other groups. I think we were successful in our creation because the car when over both times. However if we could improve our creation we could have made it slightly more stable because other bridges which I saw were stronger than ours.

Taping the many sheets together to create the main body for the bridge.

Cutting the bridge in half to allow the bridge to go up and down (let the boat through).

We began with the bridge taped higher than we finished. We realised the car would not be able to ride on the bridge so if you look below we taped the bridge to the table instead.

Adding bamboo to create a better stable bridge.

Louise and Stephanie creating the sign for the bridge.

Finished bridge without décor.

Showing the bridge going up and down. The leg on the bridge acts as the support when the car goes over the bridge.

A close up view of the lever mechanics. Twisting the horizontal stick meant the bridge would come up and then down when rotated the other way.

Above you can see the final creation.

Above you can see the flag/Poster that Stephanie and Louise created using glitter and illustration. The flag allowed them to stamp there style on the piece.
Below are some shots of the other group's finished bridges.

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