Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Fashion and Textiles Day Two

Above is one of the collages which I have made focusing only on the arm and neck/ top chest section. From my samples you can see that I clearly have an interest with ruffles and the way these can be built up to create beautiful texture and still be 3D. Because of this you can see above that I decided I would use this idea on my model above. Furthermore because I wanted to follow up the concept of Power/Strong I decided to create a look similar to an armour however I still consider this to be an accessory worn  over clothing. I really like the simple look of this but the complex detail. If I could change this I would probably add more elements.
On this post you can see another *five* collages. These collages different from the previous post because we were asked to concentrate on a particular part of the body, using the same model five times. I have always like the arm and collar bone area on a human form and working with them in my previous collages (see spikey arm collage previous pose). So I decided I would choose to work with the arm and chest. I also decided on a concept of my theme. Power.  

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