Thursday, 5 September 2013

Photography Exhibition V&A

There was two different imagery that I was drawn to at the Photography Exhibition. The first one was a small photo of a man sitting on his chair repeated twice. the photography had hand painted/tinted the colours onto the photographs. Seen below. The image caught my eye because of the man's day dreaming appearance; almost as if he was recalling a memory linking to this project as well as capturing my attention. When I went round the exhibition this was one of the only photographs that made me actually walk over and look really close to see the smallest details. The second photograph which caught my attention was a scene from 'Beneath the roses'. The scene for some reason made me think about a memory I had when I was on holiday and made me spend longer looking at it. The photograph was staged because it was from a TV series, but the lighting and the camera position was  chilling and made me feel like I was stalking or watching someone. The camera was positioned facing a lonely house in the snow. The image affected me the most out of all the other photographs.

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