Sunday, 8 September 2013

Timeline development from Crit

Above you can see a developed finish timeline which I created after my Crit on Friday. At the Crit I showed four fellow students my timeline in progress and they suggested I try working on making the illustration bigger and incorporating the Pins which I worked on as a beginning exercise. I took these suggestions on board as well as my own idea of making the timeline more analytical and having it in a line so this was accomplished. My memories are always images and certain memories are very vibrant therefore I chose to illustrate the images which were most memorable in my mind therefore even illustrations of sandwiches or my iPod made it into this timeline. In order to work bigger like my fellow students suggested I worked the whole of the page in a long stretch to fully explore my timeline. The emphasised colours is again to give reference to my vibrant memories. The different colours represent the different days. If I could change anything I would probably stretch out the black (first day) illustrations. Furthermore I could leave the comfort of the paper and work on translucent plastic or glass to emphasise my memories.

Here is a zoomed up section of my previous timeline design, I just wanted to show how the overlapping of the illustrations have worked really well because of the line drawings. As well you can see how the mix of colour in my opinion has worked really well.

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