Sunday, 15 September 2013

Fashion and Textiles Summary of the week

Overall this week has allowed me to participate in designing, creating, planning, photographing and even collaging. I found the majority of these tasks really fun, there was some trouble however making samples at the beginning because I wasn't sure how I could make paper samples more 3D. However  once I overcame this obstacle I felt much more confident. Especially because I was not used to working in Fashion and Textiles. But I tried to make my own mark and therefore I think all of the tasks were successful. I think that end result (finished garment) went really well and connected throughout the whole week. The theme I used was strong and power, this was something I wanted to explore as I want to be strong and powerful in my future I feel that using this as a theme meant I could really work well with my final garment. I think because of this strong theme connection my work was really successful.

After our fast collage we created using the samples from day one as inspiration the tutors pinned one collage from everyone onto a board where we could review everyone's work. Just seeing everyone else's interpretation really inspired me. There wasn't any comments pointed out of my work but just seeing everyone's work together was inspiration enough I knew know how to further my development and not hold back. I used this time after to impact my future work. When we was creating the garment one of the teachers pointed out that the texture I was doing on the chest plate was really interesting and it gave me motive to work this unique texture I did by accident more on to the body of the piece.

The overall task has taught me a lot about Fashion and Textiles something I have never really done and felt not to confident about. By doing all of these tasks I have become so much more confident with making something 3D and overall creating something on a human being from a designs. I also really liked collaging onto humans and using samples to fuel so many ideas and concept something I hope to carry on no matter what discipline I choose.

I think that my pieces were really successful like previously stated is because of the strong theme. The photographs of me you can see below, was photographed by someone else however as the creator of the garment I was able to present the garment in the way I thought would work best so I tried to make my face strong and my body language strong to enhance the garment. The things which were I were not happy as I could be was probably the finish sleeve of my garment, this is because I was creating the piece on myself and therefore found it hard to weave with only one hand on myself. Furthermore some of the spikes on the finished piece began to flop because they were not strong enough. If I could have worked on someone else I think the finished piece would have been even more successful. I found the making of the garment challenging to begin with because I wasn't sure how to put the piece together however using pins meant I could pin shapes as well as sketch out shapes I needed into my sketchbook. Once I overcame the foundation I was able to quickly succeed the piece. 

I found the designing and sketching the ideas the easiest because I was able to think of so many ideas of what I create using the samples and collages I had made. I think that the theme of strong also made it very easy for me to think of many ideas. Having all these ideas also meant I could choose out of lots of designs. When collaging and creating the samples I did find it hard to finish the amount we were meant to at the time because I think I was thinking to much and spending to long thinking about it. In order to save time I feel that I should let go and just explore especially when it is an experimental task.

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