Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Design Musuem 'The Future is here'

The Future is Here

On enrolment we was given  an exhibition to visit before Monday 2nd September 2013-before the exhibition closed. The exhibition gave me a taste of the future, past and present innovations that could and will change the way certain industries function. I was blown away by the amount of materials and designs which have shaped the way present innovation has evolved. The exhibition began with a timeline of the industrial revolution starting from the early 18th Century. Reading each step of the electrifying circuit showed just how important each invention was to the next invention. I really liked the way the timeline was laid out here especially the changing skyline which you can see on every cardboard blocks. After this I looked at some impressive furniture design by Je-uk Kim. His furniture design also referred to as the 'Lovebird' was multi functional and makes way for future development. The architect used Georgian design and Lovebirds to inspire his design. Using these factors he designed a really successful furniture. This could be why he won the competition overall.

Not only did his design interest me but also the 3D printed versions of the other competitors. In fact 3D printing was a big theme that ran throughout the exhibition and was the one thing I my self noticed everyone was really interested about. The photograph above shows a scary looking doll. However this doll is infact one of the first dolls which you can customise and design such as changing the nose width of length of nose. The doll is then 3D printed to fit the customers specific needs. The concept is indeed innovating and personal- even if at first the seemed a little freaky. There were other innovating 3D concepts from tiny little craniums and foam printing.

Other things which  caught my attention was the amount of research and development from larger companies. Such as Rolls-Royce who spent millions on research and design in order to make there creations ahead. Furthermore the look into British recycling and the benefit of creating machines to take out the precious and rare materials enlighten me on the issues which design has been able to address. The exhibition allowed me to see how design has affected society and will effect society in the future.

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