Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Weather project

The three weeks for the weather project was my favorite project so far. We were given the longest duration out of all the projects so far. At first when I was given the  brief I was actually really confused because the project was about weather yet we weren't allowed to feature weather into it. I did at the beginning find this brief hard consequently. However I decided to not be put off and just go for it. I started to by photocopying artists who interpret weather and the ways it appealed to me. The first thing I really noticed was the striking colours and the movements of the still images. When I was looking at the books in the study zone I came across a Paul Klee book. As you can see below in the image below It really inspired me. Although weather was not implied I was drawn in by this painting and imagined a autumns wintry day. I knew straight away after this I wanted colour to be one of the main aspects of my end result.

Below you can see some notes I created from first listening to the weather project as well as the talk from John Salisbury. The talk from John Salisbury really inspired me. I was actually really amazed by the wonderful work that he presented showing motion graphics in a much broader way than you would intially thought. As well as the fact I am doing Motion Graphics next year I knew after this talk I am going to create a motion graphic. 

 Above is a shot from Winnie the Pooh a Blustery
day scene. Although it may seem random this
scene used to stand out to me when I was younger
because of the way the type used to flow
with the weather- i.e the blustery wind. This
scene because of this has inspired me greatly for my
end piece. I used the same concept of movement of
[Image taken from above]
Although I am doing motion graphics next year I did not know much about the software or even how to go about it- I have used the software slightly on previous tasks in the graphics pathway but this project would be the first time I relied on the software. I did not let this put me off. I decided  to design the work the way I wanted it and not the way I knew how to create it. Because of this take on it I had to learn it all as I went along. I am really proud of my final outcomes and I think I did incredibly well on the software and really liked working with it.
 Below are some images of my workings out and story boarding which I did before the final outcome. I think the likeness to them is really similar and I pleased it turned out the way I intended it to be on page. As I did work with the software there was somethings which I was not able to carry out in the short time I had left myself to make it. If  I could change it I would have liked to manage my time slightly  better just in making the end result so I could have produced it in time for the crit.

Below are two testers for the opening for the project, I wasn't sure whether to have text at the beginning or not. I tested the two and decided without so the second video is the one I went with in the end and was also the one that actually matched the storyboard.

Final Motion Graphic 

This is the final motion graphic for the project weather. The concept is waking up the viewer and allowing them to associate, audio, colour and movement all very important aspects of motion graphics. I used political speeches to represent weather. For instance I used Hitler as Thunder, the background is dark and eerie representing the mood as well as the associated weather. The typography moved fast and was demanding of attention with little to nothing colour. The type also clashed like lightning to the earth an important part. Audio was such an important part of this motion graphic and I think it would not have been the same without it.

Hitler> Stormy, Thunder and Lightning
Tony Blair's death of Princess Diana> Rain
Churchill announcing the end of the war> Sunny
Martin Luther King I have a dream> Foggy
[If I had more time I would have continued with more]

I really love the final result, even though it is not perfect it looks so much like the storyboard. This project has taught me the importance of story boarding. Because I used a storyboard I felt I wasn't as stuck and I could see what I was onto next once I finished a part. The crit was really good to see everyone's work. I was the only one to do a motion graphic which I was surprised at however I received really positive feedback with everyone saying it was a really interested concept and a well made motion graphic. The books everyone else created was really amazing to see and looked really professional. I think that this week has allowed me to learn so much from book binding and developing my motion graphics skills- This was absolutely my favorite week.

See below stills from the final creation.

The power of colour.

Turning dark to make way for Nazi sybolisim.

The Nazi relevance is meant to link in the thunder and lightning weather. Having this reference shows the fear and darkness, the type is meant to clash like lightning hitting the ground.

These circles are meant to represent raindrops hitting the darkness and turning blue. The next section is about the death of diana and rain is the representation of the emotion.

Sun, the end of the war- happiness.

This section was meant to represent fog, the uncertainty at the time of what the future held. I think using the opacity of the circle engaged the readers really well.

I like the rain on my name because rain is my favourite weather and just is a nice touch to reference
the project title.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Weather Workshops

Motion Graphic Workshop

John Salisbury is a Motion Graphic designer who has a lot of experience freelance and in industry which was why I was really happy when I was able to have tutorials with him. The two tutorial outcomes can be seen above- as I am doing Motion Graphics next year benefited me well. As well as this in the Weather project my outcome will be a motion graphic so this introduction to After Effects did widen my knowledge on the software. I want to develop my skills with this software.

As well as learning so much about after effects John Salisbury's talk was really inspiring. During the talk he discussed his work as well as existing powerful motion graphics within industry now. After listening to the talk I was really influenced and even got to discuss with him afterwards life in motion graphics industry. As I am doing motion graphics next year it has given me a great insight into the working life. I have also decided from the talk and workshops that I want to create a Motion Graphic for this project.

Book Binding workshops

During the weather project we have had numerous amounts of workshops to attend once signed up for. I luckily got the chance to do all as I signed up for all. Two of the others were soft binding and hard binding workshop. both taught by different tutors was incredibly insightful and opened my eyes to a new technique which I have yet to carry out- hence adding to new possible ways to carry out. The two different tutors which taught this workshop was Lydia Thornley and Ana. The two different tutors showed either soft binding or hard binding. I found soft binding a much more creative way to work and opened my eyes to stretching the properties of a book and manipulating a book to relate even a word.

The soft binding could be achieved rather easily by using different pieces of paper. This workshop made me think more about the different papers that could be altered in order to fix a certain industry or client. The hard book binding require a lot more steps however the finish product looked really professional and even shop brought! The hard book binding defiantly made me thing of more interesting ways to present my work as on the future it will be vital when presenting work to clients in having a very interesting pitch to draw them in. Presenting sketchbooks or even collections of photographs in this way could be really interesting and make my work stand out- as I can tailor the design of the book to my specification something very important. 
Typography Workshop
This is someone's work in the class that I really liked
Talking about kerning the word

As well as all the other workshops I was given the opportunity to work with Soofiya to produce a typographic piece. Typography is hugely important in Graphics and within Motion graphics (as this is my course next year) therefore this element is defiantly worth practicing. Soofiya gave each of us a word in which we had to cut out and then individually Kern depending on our opinion. Once we kerned the work we then deliberated in front of everyone in the workshop. I was the last one to deliberated by and I got really good feedback, all the kerning was correct all I needed to do was rotate the letters so they were straighter.

Once the kerning process was complete we were able to use the photocopier to manipulate the word and create a weird looking almost deformed word. This process was really fun and was create simply moving the piece of paper whilst it was getting scanned. Each time i did this the copy turned out differently and after several goes I got the hang of it. Below are my finished words. As you can see they are all different, I will most likely carry this out again on future projects as it took me away from the computer and opened my eyes to kerning the words. At the end we had a crit and I was praised by Soofiya as she thought I was very good at making connective and narrative connections to the types shown by everyone.