Tuesday, 24 September 2013

3D Exploration day 2 A short Video of the bridge

Above is a video which I created showing today's activity in 3D. This video I made means you can see how successful our bridge is because the car went over the bridge three times. I missed the first time it came over the bridge with my camera but this was the most efficient. The second time you can see shows the car on the way back over not as smooth as the way over. The last time you can see on the video shows the car  going over the bridge without the piece of cardboard as support- the class wanted to see how this would actually change the bridge structure and as you can see it did however the car still got over. As you can see we were successful in our creation and in this task. The first bit shows the mechanical lever that I made and thought of with help from another person in the group you can see how it allows the 'boat' through.

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  1. I really love the use of videos within the blog as it allows us to be taken to the moment in which the event happens- maybe try experimenting with higher quality cameras to show off your filmmaking abilities if this is something you want to pursue. I really think you should choose the lens based pathway as every video you make is synced really well to music and I really look forward to watching them each time you upload a new one.