Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Fashion and Textiles Exploration Day Two

Here you can see my first collage I created. I used white paper and built it up onto the model above. I wanted to try to work quite geometrically in this collage. This is why the samples are made up of mostly triangles. The triangles were also influenced greatly on my sample work the previous day. The model fits this look quite well and adds to the paper as well. I really like the way the paper covers half of the face almost shielding the model like an armour. Although I do like the background If I could re-think the background I would probably look at something more befitting.

Above you can see how I decided to use
my weaving sample as the main inspiration
during this collaging process. I tried to go against
the natural body form and opt to go diagonally
across. Using slices of photocopies of my weaving
sample I cut out strips and carefully weaving in
and out. The finished collage is not necessarily
neat but I think it works really well. If I had
more time I would have carried on weaving to
created a tighter weave. But having the gaps also
is really effective.
This collage is one of my favourites one I did because
of the way it creates a strong bold atmosphere. I purposely
chose a strong  looking model to emphasise this look. I used my
square sample with the flaps to influence this piece. If you notice the background I chose on purpose you can see that I scanned in
the original sample and repeated it so that I could keep the
square look going. Furthermore I used more sliced out sections from
my memory project weave to decorate and frame the powerful looking shape. Going against the human form made me appreciate new patterns and shapes without considering frame making my work a lot more free and experimental. If I was going to keep looking at this collage I would try using different types of square or changing scale of the above square.
Surrounding this you can see *four* collages created on my second day of exploring Fashion and Textiles. After bringing in the models we wanted from magazines, we used paper to build onto the model. The pieces of paper had to be 3D and using our samples from yesterday to inspire the creations. Here you can see the *four* I created. I tried to make each one different just so that I could have more options when it came to the second part of the day.  After doing some of the collages, some were selected and put on a board with all of my fellow students where we were able to compare and discuss I found this  really helpful and was able to see different perceptions on then project.
Here you can see another collage I made, this time I took inspiration
from my ruffle idea but using a new way to manipulate paper-tearing.
This allowed me to concentrate on placing the paper. I like the way the paper
cover's the model face, because the eyes are drawn to the garment instead of the
model. The way the paper has been ripped has created a nice look to the brown paper.

Above is a collage I created I used my triangle sample and my
3D squared ruffle for inspiration. I liked the idea of manipulating the paper
 to create volume and big ruffles. Bending the paper also created a 3D look that was really
effective, It also made quite a lot of sharp and strong shadows in specific light which I thought
made the concept stand out more. The only thing I which I could change was to make it a
 little bit more loose and not so much straight on the body as it is above.

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