Sunday, 22 September 2013

Contextual Studies Summary

This week has been a lot more learning and finishing out about the essay and writing requirements so It meant we had a new approach than other weeks. I found Monday's class really helpful as it meant I could learn a lot more about software I have been using previously. As I had already used these software before I did find this task that challenging in fact I quite enjoyed it because it was similar to some of the work I have previously done for my Alevel work. I hadn't however used InDesign so was able to use this knowledge for my work and will be able to use for my future work. I did really like my finish poster because I feel although it is really simple it has recreated my memory a lot. My review was challenging because I was not sure how to convey an effective written piece which such a short word limit. I also found it difficult to write the review at the beginning of the week the review was a challenge for me. After looking at practice reviews I was able to gain a better understanding and fulfil my finish review.

The whole week has been more relaxed than the fashion week as I was able to do a lot of learning and less actual creating which meant I could appreciate the software and become more aware of certain things to use in the furture when creating designs. I think that this week has allowed me to understand the importance of how to represent my work and understand what sort of learner I am, how to adjust to my way off learning. The week has gone really fast but because of what I have learnt I have been able to go forward and use what I have learnt for the present time and future work at this Uni.

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