Sunday, 8 September 2013

Blade Runner Review and Response

A Response to Blade Runner
After watching Blade Runner I have been able to see just how much the definition of human and inhuman is. We see the segregation between the non-replicants and replicants and how the reaction of the people surrounding them and the way they are pursued.

After watching Blade Runner I was taken back by certain quotes( see below for more analysis) and scenes directed by Ridley Scott.

To the left you can see the  landscape of the futuristic city in 2019, only 6 years off from now there is clear similarities. Infact throughout the film you can see how the future memory and predictions of the future in this blockbuster is very similar to todays world. This can be seen in the advertisements and computer technology.  

Memories are a theme that run through Blade Runner throughout  the whole film. This is significant as research for the Memory/Future Memory project. The first reference to memory is the way in which the new replicants can be distinguished as replicants or not. When it comes down to it the story almost makes the conclusion without memories we are basically shells or robots(replicants in this case). Therefore memories determine whether or not replicants are human or not and even give the replicants emotion.

If we look at Rachael as an example the photograph of her and her mother is something she clings to, too prove that she is actually human. In fact all replicants clings to photograph as proof or evidence that they exist. This sort of behaviour can be seen in present society- people today will take many photographs of places they've been keep hold of tickets or receipts even though all these things are just materialistic. People need proof to verify to use as evidence that they have been places and see things.

Eyes are a theme that run through the film also, the owl, Rachael the computer screen which zooms into the subjects pupil. All these things are reference to visual memory. We use our eyes to analyse and retain memories. Lastly the scene in which Roy spares Deckard's life to me was odd at first. But as I though more and more about it, the act of not killing Deckard meant that Roy's act would be a memory he would have to live through for the rest of his life. A memory Deckard would not be able to keep in Roy's place if he was dead.

Quotes that made me think.
Tyrell: "More human than human" is our motto.
Deckard: [narrating] I don't know why he saved my life. Maybe in those last moments he loved life more than he ever had before. Not just his life - anybody's life; my life. All he'd wanted were the same answers the rest of us want. Where did I come from? Where am I going? How long have I got? Batty:All I could do was sit there and watch him die.
All those... moments... will be lost in time, like [coughs] tears... in... rain. Time... to die...

Blade Runner Responses
Below you can see some responses of some of the work I created to Blade Runner. These images were created by working into photographs with Fine liner and water. The water allowed ink to run down the page and give reference to the continuous rain in the movie. Outlining the characters made certain important features stand out such as the dove and the eyes. I really liked the other side of the pieces more than the front therefore below you can see how more effective the back of the images are.


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  1. I love your blade runner responses as I think they are really original and the technique of using the reverse of the paper is just as interesting as the right side-I think this is something you should pursue further in your work.