Thursday, 5 September 2013

Response to V&A Exhibitions

Above is some thumbnail design of my other objects and positions which I could have drawn and carried out. These pages were taken from my sketchbook.

After going to V&A museum and looking at the Illustration awards I saw Alexander Pushkin an Illustrator from the 18th century. Above shows a response to one of his pieces; using one of my personal objects. The original illustrations shows an 18th century man's dress including a top hat, suited and booted holing a cane. Yet the man has no face/head but is replaced with a small tree. The background shows more trees and a blue background. All the components in my opinion worked really well. The tree being the head made me think about the reference to memories and how the illustrator may have be suggesting the reference to the person and there memories or connection to the forest/woods or nature.

 I wanted to use this idea and concept to do a self portrait in my sketchbook but using a personal item as the connection. Therefore I chose the reindeer and replaced it with my face in the same way Pushkin did with his tree. Having the reindeer horn as my head or brain, means that it is the first thing you can see and makes the viewers wonder what the object means to me. This is what I wanted to achieve- because in actual fact the item is only a object to a stranger but it is me- and my connection that makes it special and a memory. Therefore incorporating myself in the image makes the item more special and vibrant. This design was created using willow charcoal and watercolour I think this mix is really interesting and makes the design really vibrant the same way the original illustration is. If I could improve this design I would try designing It on Adobe Illustrator because I know this programme would allow me to create crisp and more bold colours.

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