Sunday, 8 September 2013

Memory Research and Summary of the week

Memory Research Project- An overhaul  of the week's event.

Overall the weeks process has been very insightful allowing me to venture in different forms of research ranging from, films, books, internet, exhibitions and my own experiences of the week. There were certain times when I wasn't sure how to present my ideas however I overcame this my experimenting before creating the final outcome. Doing this did help me a lot and something I will consider when I carry out the rest of the exploratory stages. I overall felt that my outcomes for this week were really successful, for instance the timeline showed how I could use my fellow classmates to work into and create a more effective finished piece.

As well as the timeline I have been able to create a time capsule, illustrations, several collages and a response to Blade Runner. All these elements have allowed me to revisit my own techniques and pursue new experiments with more context. During my illustration task the tutor responded really well to my creation even using it as an example for the other students in the class. This did make me feel really positive about my work and thus meant I was able to keep using the same style, however it also made me felt like I helped others and they were able to use my concepts to produce there own. After doing my first outcome for the timeline I we were put into our blog groups and were given the opportunity to carry out a crit. In this Crit I was able to take on advise such as working bigger and combining the pin idea- Taking this advise on-board I was able to produce a better finished timeline. It was at this time that I realised by listening in on other people's opinion and advise can improve your work especially previously in My Alevel the advise usually came directly from my teachers and not so much my fellow students.

I think that I have been successful with looking at many different types of research especially in such a short amount of time something I hadn't previously all done in one week. Being able to look at all the different types of research did inspire me more. I really liked my collages because it gave me an opportunity to link the material objects with a specific significance. Because of this freedom I could express my feelings and interact with the piece in a greater way. The one thing I was not as happy as I could have been was the time capsule movie I created. I filmed the process and it wasn't till after that I thought I would use it. However I only used one angle and one camera therefore it was not that entertaining and maybe a bit boring. If I could redo it I would use more camera angles and consider and plan before I carried out the process. From doing this in the future I will always try to think about presenting the films so it will mean even if it is a last minute decision the video will be interesting.

The most challenging bit of the week was creating the timeline, for some reason after seeing all the different ways they were presented I wasn't sure how to present mine. In order to give myself some thinking space I created a pin timeline which thus inspired me to make the finished timeline. The easiest task was the illustration on the first day where we were ask to use four items to change scale and draw. I found this process really easy and was able to connect with my items.

In order to make sure my time planning is more efficient I should set a regular time to work so that I am spending at least a several hours a day. This is because this week I have been spending time at random days and end up crossing task together, getting the work done at the day I was set will mean the work I do is more relevant and fresh in my mind. I will use this idea for next week and see how it turns out.

                          The Memory
Memory is one of the most important things a person has, it makes us who we are today and can impact the way our personalities and identities are formed. Without a memories we are but an empty shell, this can be noted when people with memory destroying diseases such as Alzheimer's changes a person's personality completely.

Losing my memory is one of my greatest fears because I know without my memories everything I have endured or seen or been apart of would dissolve. And you become a new person someone based on the experiences based on there time from. I think like I stated in my Blade Runner section that people (me in particular) have a need to document there lives to have it mean something and to remember in your older years. This concept does scare me quite a lot however I can not be put of my a future memory that may not happen.

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