Monday, 21 October 2013

Summary of six week learning exploratory stage so far

This six weeks have gone by so quickly yet I have been able to carry out so much and learn so much in the process. Throughout the different rotations I carried diverse tasks which led me to ultimately to come to a decision in what pathway to choose. Each week also allowed me to work with a different Tutor where I could learn 'the ropes' as it was to the course. I had a lot of fun on every week which surprised me as I thought I would stay keen on only a couple but at the end of it every week was informative and allowed me to push my initiative and design skills. At the end of the rotation I have chosen Graphics as my final pathway.

I came to the conclusion of choosing Graphics because during the week in particular I felt my design skills were best put to use, I was able to design and make a poster quickly. I like the way this week pushed me to work independently and in quick time, this is something I need to get used to in my future career so I am glad I was able to appreciate this and apply it to the rotation week. I overall had the most fun this day as well therefore I feel that this course was the best one to choose. I also got on really well with the tutors and could relate to there experiences and It made me most inspired. The research I did this week as well influenced me greatly as I was able to see for myself the potential of great graphic design.

All the other weeks were also very informative and allowed me to explore different pathways but I did not connect to them in the way in which I did with Graphics. However the things which I did learnt such as designing without designing which saw me drawing a squiggle and turning into a shape was really helpful and is something I will use in my present work to generate ideas once I am stuck. In the fashion week I was able to see just how much developing from one sample/ shape could produce so many different possible outcomes again another way for me to fuel ideas. The lens based week gave me the opportunity to work in a group and think about narrative in a new way, I was able to push my ideas in a group and overall allow myself to become much more vocal which Is something I want to push for in the future. I think that the six weeks have been a very good experience and has allowed me o develop skills and explore all pathways before focusing on one. I would not change doing these weeks for anything as I feel because of them I have been able to make a well though out decision.

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