Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Lens Based Media Exploratory Day 2- Stop Motion and Group Collaboration Video

Above is another video which I created to show me working in my group on the storyboards (previous post) as well as showing my stop motion which my whole class and I created. A stop motion is a series of images which demonstrate life or movement when put together. I have worked on stop motion pieces before therefore I had basic knowledge of the importance of the camera not moving and the slight actions required to make the subject appear as if it is moving.
Watching the whole video together was quite interesting and showed how everyone chose to move it. We were only given a couple of shots to move it so the movement isn't thought out but quite spontaneous. This was really nice to work with and develop further. The programme we used is available for a trial and seemed very useful especially as I am used to working with the shots first and then applied to a programme instead on taking the shots on a programme like this one.

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