Sunday, 13 October 2013

Lens Based Media Week Summary

This week has revealed to be really insightful, the majority of the tasks I found fun and taught me a lot. However starting some of the task proved to be challenging because I wasn't sure how to start it off. I used what I had learnt in Day 2 which was storyboarding or pinpointing random things can propel loads of ideas. Using this knowledge I was able to plot down loads of crazy ideas and produce the outcome for the task. This is one of the things (planning) which I have felt has been emphasised throughout the pathway and installed into my mind so that even on future tasks I will be able to do the planning automatically. Other tasks this week that have proved to be helpful for example was on Day one. The task in which we cropped out certain areas of a bigger drawing to create a different mood was interesting and gave me a perspective on creating atmosphere with composition. This will prove helpful for all pathways.

This week I have been really pleased with my outcomes especially the things which I had not ever previously done such as cropping to change mood. However there are some things which I could change to make my outcomes even stronger. For instance the last series of six photographs I feel I could develop more so that the story is clearer and also more interesting. I got a lot of different feedback as well as praise from fellow students and tutors. During the first say when we had to draw one of our photographs we brought in I was picked by other students because they really liked my drawing. They said they especially liked the medium I had used and worked into my designs. Moving from this once again the series of six photographs on Day 3 I discussed with Seb and Chris my tutors this day. They really helped me with identifying how I could push for a stronger impact. However they found my concept really interesting and said it was a really good starting point in which I could do a lot with. This provided me with a lot of enthusiasm to keep the idea going.

Out of all my pieces of work I really enjoyed creating narrative and learning more about story structure. The emphasis on this subject made me learn a lot about potential stories that I will create in the future be it for any of the pathways. I feel that I had most fun with and was most successful in creating atmosphere and mood in such works as cropping my drawing, story boarding in groups and my final six photographs. I have learnt a lot this week which I had not known such as the power of struggle and even realised more about the way I view films that even when I am at home now and a film is on I can't help but think about what I have learnt. The tasks which I found easy were the summarising of the words because I was able to interpret words in the way I saw them and present them to the world through my vision. I feel by doing that specific task I was able to use what I had learnt in my other interpretations for the rest of the week. Overall I have learnt so much about the history of film, my own creativity and craziness which I was really given the opportunity to use this week.

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