Monday, 7 October 2013

Lens Based Media Day 1- Cropping a drawing of a photograph

These Photographs were taken by me
Here you can see the process of me drawing one of the photographs I brought in. I decided on the image of my sister because I feel it was one of the most successful due to the natural look at the connection I have with my sister. You can see the real photograph above with the line drawing. I decided to use water and fine liner in order to make a distinguished look. I feel this was accomplished because a lot of people kept coming up to me and telling me they really liked the image and the way it stood out.

All these Photograph were taken by me
This task was really interesting as it saw me cropping away certain areas to create a certain mood or atmosphere. I feel that the task was successful as it allowed me to change the mood from the original drawing. The top image of cropping to the left shows only the eyes cropped out. This creates
a tension filled atmosphere. Almost as if the girl is watching someone. Furthermore you are not able to see if it is a male or female and the mysteriousness builds. Other crops such as the crop of just the lips creates a intimacy feeling. Especially in films this is relevant when close up shots of the lips are used to create intimate relationship between characters. Again changing the mood of my original photographs. I really liked this task and feel it will defiantly help me in the future when I creating something as diverse as a logo. It is an exciting way to change the mood of a design and therefore will be used again.

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