Sunday, 13 October 2013

SDS Lens Based Media Exploratory- Creating A series of six

All Photographs was taken by me

Above you can see images of my sketchbook. My sketchbook was a big tool to helping me come up with the idea of this story. Whenever I was stuck I drew ideas and crazy storylines into my book even if they didn't make sense. Because of this I was able to take my initial ideas into the actual photographs which you are able to see below. This week as well as my other weeks have stressed how important to using your sketchbook as your brain source which I fully support and understand even more now.
 Above as well as to the right shows the six images which depict a story. This story was created in order to show a Girl who wants to finish her work but is distracted by a giant fly. The girl decides the best way to solve the problem is to eat it so she can continue on with her work. The photographs were not photoshopped as I wanted to play around with something new. I created this image by using a giant clear screen in which I collaged on top of which would then be able to photographed to appear like the fly was actually in the shot. I think this gave the photos a really nice effect and even more realistic- the subject was able to interact with the collage more than if I applied the fly after with Photoshop. Of course there was some downsides to this method because I was unable to photograph with a flash or many lights on because it would shine on the screen. This is why the photographs are not as strong as they could be photography wise. However as a representation of my thoughts and ideas I think it really works well.

I did have a challenge coming up with a concept to begin with however I decided to carry out what we did in class and plot down as many crazy ideas as possible into my sketchbook. This really helped and I was able to consider loads of ideas. I actually tried out two other ideas before this series which meant I could play around with different concept giving me more knowledge for this image. When I showed fellow students in class they found this concept really interesting as well as the tutors. My only problem with the set is I feel they are lacking an amount of struggle and events to prevent the subject from reaching the goal. This is something I will consider over the next couple of days in order to make them more strong.

To the left you can see an image of flies on a bus. The concept of using a clear screen came to me because of this. When I was on the bus on my way to Ravensbourne there was a fly on the outside of the window just sitting there but the fly looked big and weird in the landscape behind it. Because of this it gave me an Idea to create the series of photographs above. You can see from my pictures on the bus how my idea has flowed through to my idea.  


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