Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Lens Based Media Exploratory day 2-Fridge

Image taken from www.craigarmstrong.com
Peter Mullan's creation of the fridge is spectacular. I really did not expect the short film to effect me in the way it did, when I was watching on the edge of my seat. I felt really connected to all of the characters emotional, it came to my attention all of the characters who are on the ground I felt sympathy and anger with other than the little boy who represent the innocence of the place of darkness. From the beginning the setting is portrayed as a mundane sinister place the different characters embellish the way in which we perceive certain areas for instance the young children playing made me feel it was a fun safe place to be but in contrast the areas with the youth gangs was more menacing. Infact the change of the fun neighbour changed dramatically revealing the potential story of the short film. This is important in creating a good narrative by setting an effective beginning for audiences. The Protagonist to this story is not really clear and at the end of it comes down to what we the audience perceive it to be, as I said before each of the characters on the ground have good and  bad in them which is why perhaps it is hard to pinpoint one good character. The claustrophobic camera work also creates a very powerful representation of the Mullan was trying to portray. Using the camera in the beginning for instance he was able to film a shot inside the fridge like we are encased in this tight area. Infact the whole camera work was amazing and added a lot to the film. When watching films I personally really pay a lot of notice to the camera work which is why I was really surprised to discover a really effective piece that made me want to read more into everything focused into. The short film all in all proved to be very effective making me think about what I would view on the subject if I was a character in the film- my social background would be closer to the mother who shut the window so therefore would I be like her and close the window and focus on my own problem's instead of the world around me. I wonder if this is what Mullan was trying tog et people to ask themselves.


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