Sunday, 3 November 2013

Project 1 Graphics Pathway



Above you can see my response to the first project of my chosen pathway, Graphic Design. We were instructed using the measurements they gave us to create a design reflecting what we are interesting In, in Graphic design as well as add an image of ourselves with around 100 words summarising ourselves and what we hope to achieve in our time on the Graphic design stage.

I really like my finish design, I used planning in order to choose my favourite design to carry out, during the design process I coloured all my thumbnails and planned how I wanted the text which allowed my visualisation to be enhanced. I think the piece is very powerful and works well as a whole. I used the illustration to emphasise the point that I feel design is like magic. The illustration shows my love for illustration as well as digital work. The typography to the left of the image allows my exploration of type which I tried to be playful with just to emphasise this point. I also write within the design what I am interested in to make it very clear like the brief stated. If I could work on this design more I would probably change the type a little bit more and change certain things on the main illustrations because I feel it could be probably more neat. However if I had more time I would probably try to do some experimenting with paint or collage even to make the process even more challenging. As I said above I want to learn to further my knowledge of using type in my designs as well as developing my digital skills.

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