Monday, 7 October 2013

Lens Based Media Day One- Capturing a word

The end of the first day of Lens Based Media saw me photographing certain areas around the Uni as well as inside to create certain Moods, but mostly to fit the given words. We were given six words with no other instruction other than to photograph to fit these words, this meant we were very much able to interpret the words in our own way. This was really nice because it gave me a lot of creative freedom to photograph something which could be completely different to someone else's meaning of the word. I think I was really successful, all the images go together but have individual relationships with the word. If I could alter anything I would try to focus on other camera angles other than close up as I felt I did quite a lot of close up imagery.

I really like 'Echo' if you look below it had really vivid colours other than the colour enhancement on Photoshop nothing has been altered meaning the contrast is the same as I took it- the light echo's onto the models face. Another image which I really like that I took was the 'Sad' photograph. This photograph was taken to summarise an event which happened during this whole photographing task. A fly flew into my eye and I got really upset because I couldn't get it out, therefore I documented this whole event therefore photoshopping the sink hole next to my eye, this in itself creates really good symmetry which is vibrant and interesting. If I could change this maybe I would make out 'sad' more.

The photographs that I do not like as much are the 'Happy' image and 'Fall'. These two photograph did not really excite me or sum up the feeling as much as I would like. This doesn't mean they are bad it just allows me to learn how to make audiences react and appreciate how I did not do this. The happy image was meant to show the relationships of people and the sun was used to represent the now and time in general. If I could redo this I would perhaps try to shoot someone who is happy secretly so I could see the raw feeling of happiness. The Fall image shoes me leaning over the rail with my hair loose to impact the audience in a sort of vertigo feeling. I feel this is my least strong image and could be reworked to be more effective. I do like the concept of making people scared when looking at the image however.

The two other images which I think were really successful was the 'Jump' and 'crush'. The jump image was me capturing someone constantly walking back and forth whilst talking- a habit many people can relate to. The constant going on to tiptoes as if to jump surprised me therefore I photographed my feelings in order to relate to the word. This isn't the strongest of my images but I really like it. The final image is the one summarising 'Crush'. This photograph is really abstract and can be analysed as many things. The photograph itself is a white space and black hair, I think the white space and black space is battling to crush each other, it carries the idea of Ying and Yang also(evil and good). Furthermore looking at it after I shot the photograph it reminds me of the sea and waves on the sea as well.

This Photograph was taken by me

This Photograph was taken by me

This Photograph was taken by me
This Photograph was taken by me
This Photograph was taken by me
This Photograph was taken by me

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