Sunday, 13 October 2013

Lens Based Media Day 3-Redrafting the series of six

This Photograph was taken by me
In order to progress from my first series of images I had to rethink my six photos to make a stronger and more interesting narrative. This is what Day 3 of the Lens Based media week allowed me to do. After printing of the six photographs I eliminated the images which I thought was not allowing the story to work as well as it could have. This elimination process  saw me get rid of our of the six images I had. Until I was only left with two. From this point I was able to make the story progress more. I used this day to establish the lack of struggles in my story which weakens the narrative in my opinion. I am glad I can recognise this however so that I can improve it. I decided that I would need to have more trials before the resolution takes place.

Above is a storyboard which I sketched out for the new photographs. As you can see the storyboard is really rough, before this I sketched our several other storyboards. I selected this one because I feel it is interesting and has the right about struggle. The story itself is subliminally meant to represent the distractions of a students and how to overcome this.

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