Sunday, 6 October 2013

Lens Based Media Photographs for Day 1

Below you can see several Photographs which I collected like I was asked to for preparation for Monday's Lesson. We were ask to bring in photographs that have memories and linked with our environments. I photographed a lot of places within my house as well as using photographs of some of my favourite places in the world. All these photographs together show the important things in my life.

This Photograph was taken by me
Bluewater is a place that I have been going to since I was born. So many memories have accumulated here, so many happy times have been the outcome of this place. I feel this photograph shows how the shopping mall is not necessarily the thing I love( shadowed buildings) but the memories themselves which are connected to the place(represented here in the colourful sky). I think this photograph is really enchanting and makes you want to imagine where it is.
Shoes I have been out in so many times
This Photograph was taken by me
I used this close up shot to show one part of my life which Is going out and socialising. Using the shadow and light to add emphasis makes this photograph more effective and work better as a whole. I like the way the shoes look like they have just be thrown on the floor because it creates the impression that I just took them off inviting the viewers to empathise with the feeling after you come in from a night out and all you want to do is chuck our shoes on the floor. This makes the photographs feel as if they have a natural quality.
Above you can see a shot of my room
This Photograph was taken by me
My bedroom is one of the main places n my environment that I design and work. As well as this I use it to create my work and design. I spend a lot of time in my room therefore it is a very relevant photograph to use for this project. I like the angle I have used here with the sun shining of the building onto my TV lighting up my dark room. Furthermore the way the camera has been set up is the place where I do my work therefore puts the viewers where I usually work so they subconsciously see what I see.
The tree in our garden
This Photograph was taken by me
This is a tree in my garden in my environment which I have known all my life it literally makes up the majority of my view from my garden. This tree has grown bigger and bigger like me from a young age. It Is something whenever I am In the garden I find myself gazing at. Furthermore there is a family of pigeons that live in this tree which is quite random but yet is something really familiar with me and my family. I like the way I used the dun to create the glowing centre in the middle of the tree leaves. I used Photoshop to emphasise the green of the leaves to make the tree stand out even more to the viewers.

My Twin sister's mole
This Photograph was taken by me
Above you are able to look to see a close up shot of my Twin's sisters ear and mole. The mole is something that haunts me and my Twin really as when we was younger all our family would look closely at that side of the face just to identify us. Because of this I feel like this mole is linked a lot to my past I thought that it was worth photographing. I like this photograph a lot because the half of the shot is filled with light and the other half with dark which is similar to how I feel about the identification process of using the mole. I really like the unfocused green shape at the bottom right which is a cup, because it is unfocused we look past it to the focused area.

My staircase
This Photograph was taken by me
My staircase is anther place which I am used to seeing obviously but it is another place in my environment linked with hundreds of memories. I think stairs either lead you places which is what this foundation year will do for me therefore I felt it was appropriate for this project. I put my feet in the shot to put myself into the journey process of the photographing session.

Accidental shot in London.
This Photograph was taken by me
This is a photograph I took accidentally when I didn't realise, however I really like the positioning and the way the building looks triumphant like me. Furthermore even the way the sky is reflected on the windows adds to the beautiful shots here. I think that some times accidental unplanned shots can be just effective as planned shots. With this in mind the shot was taken in London somewhere I want to work when I am older therefore it adds to my future memory.

The View from my house at night
This Photograph was taken by me
Personally I love night time and  therefore I felt it was fitting to have at least one photograph in the dark. This is something you can see here in the darkness, the lights from the streetlamp make the photograph effective. I like the way the houses are completely in focus because it makes you wonder more which is something in a photograph which can be really important.
Nature shot
This Photograph was taken by me
Here is another shot from my garden a place in which I spend a lot of time in my environment. I think this picture is really successful because of the frame work from the foliage and the dark illuminated sky adding epic effect. Personally I really love the rain and stormy weather therefore I feel this picture establishes more things about my character which therefore makes it a successful shot.

My sister
This Photograph was taken by me
I really like this image of my sister I took. This picture is a really natural shot with no make up and straight from getting out of bed I feel it catches her in all her natural beauty. She appears like she is watching something and we are peering in on her from a far. Cutting away one her eyes with the laptop adds the mysterious quality making the picture more interesting for viewers.  

DVD collection
This Photograph was taken by me
Films are one of my favourite things in the world especially as I usually watch at least one a day, I have many different films and here are some in my collection. I feel like this is an important element of my life which I should capture for this project therefore I tried to capture the business of the different colours and DVDS like the different storylines I listen to. Furthermore as I am doing Lens based media I feel it fits this week perfectly.

My bed
This Photograph was taken by me
My bed is one of my favourite places in my environment because I love to sleep. Like the image of my shoes it has the appeal of me just waking up and leaving my bed. This is true as this is the way I left my bed this morning and therefore is completely natural. As well as the bed itself the pillow demonstrates my English association for people from different countries and shows the sort of patterns I like.
Tree stump covered in Ivy
This Photograph was taken by me
I really like the way I photographed this shot, the flowers in the bottom left corner seem collaged on but infact I took a really low shot at the same level as the flowers so it appears I am a flower. The subject of the photograph is the stump covered in ivy, a place where I used to climb onto and think on when I was younger. This was before it was covered in Ivy of course. However the composition of this photograph is really effective.
Car Journeys in the rain
This Photograph was taken by me
Anther thing I really like to do is driving in the rain, this is something which soothes me and is again another place with many memories linked to it. I feel like it is really effective because a lot of people can associate with driving in the rain and therefore it makes it interesting for everyone to recall.

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  1. The variety of your images works really well as it gives a perspective of a variety of different elements of your environment. I am especially drawn to the car journeys in the rain photograph as you have managed to capture the moment in a way that looks almost beautiful and has a feeling of nostalgia. As you have said, it has many memories linked to it and this resonates with me too as I instantly have memories and feelings attached to a car journey.