Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Graphics PathwayWorkshop Day 1 3D laser printing and induction

Above you can see my intial ideas for this project and the different ways I should lay out my quote. The colours are coherent to the way the laser printer will cut out. Using the colour key helped me to think about layout and the best way to depict my quote.

Today was the first official day of the workshops for graphics. The first workshop I had was the 3D laser printing this was my first time ever using the laser printer and for me I found it a really exciting experience. I love to work with a range of mediums because of the differ quality outcomes, discovering this technique and giving me the opportunity to learn to use It has given me a chance to add a new technique for creating work in the near future. The induction today showed me all the machinery and technique that was provided for me at Ravensbourne. This was a good thing to learn because as a student at Ravensbourne I want to use the facilities as much as possible. Jason was the person showing us around the prototyping room where I was able to discover the laser printing.

At first I thought the laser printing would be really hard however after learning I am much more confident on using the make again by myself. I think this is a really successful outcome of the day. Selecting a specific line from a poem I brought in I was able to create a Type piece to print. As my group was the first there was a bit of confusion subsequently I did not get long to design my Type piece if I could do anything more I wish I could have more time just to make the piece more effective as an end result.

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