Sunday, 3 November 2013

Graphics Day 3 Film- Finished Poster and Film

Above you can see the finished video, on the day of filming only a couple of people turned up therefore we not have enough people to carry out our initial idea, luckily we had another idea we discussed on the storyboarding day so we used that idea. The three of us split the jobs out amongst us, some of us filming and one acting. The editing process challenged me because I had only had a limited amount of experience of using after effects. Me and another boy trimmed the clips and put it together but it was down to me to edit the typography onto the footage.
This was quite challenging because I did not have a lot of time because of this if I could change anything I would have liked to carry on animating with the typography to make the video more exiting. The tutor at our Crit stated he did not understand the video- the video was meant to identify the crazy world a world that contradictory to normal life depicting the act of suicide as a happy event. Although the end result was completed I feel like if I had a longer time to edit the video it would have been more successful in its venture. I have learnt alot from this project and If I could change anything I would try to take over with time managemet as I feel alot of people were not sure of what they were doing and did not know what subject to choose instead of gettng to it. I feel furthermore if i had longer with the software it would have worked out much smoother.  
Below you can see the finished film poster I created to co-exist with the video. I am really happy with the finished poster. During the Crit the tutor was very happy with it and complimented my colour choices and even went on to say how he could see it as an existing poster. I am glad because I spent a lot of time adding details to the illustrations. If I could change anything to this poster I would probably alter the typography on the right side just to add emphasis to the contrary theme running through the whole of the poster.
Thumbnails of ideas for my Film poster.

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