Monday, 18 November 2013

Graphics Pathway Calliagraphy workshop

Today I took part in the Calligraphy workshop, this gave me a chance to practice this art something I have never really practiced before. Using a flathead paintbrush 1/2 inch and ink I was able to produce many alphabets and words. Not all of the outcomes were to a good standard but it showed my development from the start of the day to the end of it. Instead of hesitating I went for it and tried to work fast In order to get really nice lines with the ink.

Although this was really free after doing several I realised I needed to work a little bit slower so all the letters were more fluent with each other. Before the start of the day I took out several calligraphy books from the study zone for contextual research doing this really helped me throughout the day because I was able to reference the different types of calligraphy alphabet.

Some of the problems which arose during this process was adding to much ink at times in order to overcome this I simply dabbed the excess ink. Another thing which occurred that I had problem with was doing the wrong marks.

This happened quite a lot because I was copying the wrong letter by mistake. Instead of starting again I tried to alter the letters ever so slightly so they all matched. Over all I actually found the workshop really fun, it was something that was quite powerful and an art which has lasted a very long time. Therefore I feel that the practice was useful.

Above is my final labels for my wine bottles. I think these wine bottles are very simple in design however they radiate sophistication and simplicity. I was orrying about perhaps adding colour which could look just as poignant however I think they look very nice as they are here. The bottles can be brought as a single or multiple so that the bottles spell out the words 'Curioser and Curiouser'. I decided to use a faus

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