Sunday, 3 November 2013

Graphics Pathway Day 2 Film-Storyboarding

Above you can see our groups storyboard on the wall, this was put on the wall for a crit. The day was used to build a storyboard and a plan to begin storyboarding. I found today very difficult because everybody in the group wanted to carry out a different idea and were very strong in using there ideas. In one way it was good that we all had a lot of ideas however no one was giving in. At the end of it we all compromised and one of the members drew out the storyboard above- I feel that this storyboard should have been more detailed. The Crit was helpful to see other peoples ideas as well as to hear criticism and others opinions about our work. Below you can see a short stop motion video I made depicting the storyboarding process.
Above is my independent interpretation of our groups idea in class.

Although the group created 'a rough' storyboard on the day of filming only two other peopleturned up. Because of the lack of people who arrived we had to alter the story. The above photograph shows my drawing of this and the idea behind our story. Although the idea has changed the storyboard was very helpful in not only visually seeing our idea but planning what to film, what points to edit things etc. If we could change anything it would be to ensure everyone arrived at one point and kept greater communication to ensure we could continue with the idea.

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