Sunday, 3 November 2013

Graphics Pathway Film Day 1 - Brainstorming

Above you can see the project 1 ( my design poster) on the wall with everybody else's pieces, we did not have a Crit but we was able to see everybody's work side by side. This allowed me to meet everyone but also justify who they were and what there pieces reflected of them. Some were illustrated, some designed on the computer, some were mood boards. The pieces were all very different and allowed me to see the diversity in my graphics class. Because of this I feel this exercise was really useful and helped me in seeing the different styles and responses produced from everyone. Reading the different information bits also gave me the ability to see what people wanted to do in the future.

The first day of Graphics resulted in us all being put into different groups. I was put in group g. Once we were put into groups we had to select a word for our group to work with our group chose- 'contrary'. The group did struggle with this to begin with because hardly anyone in the group actually knew what the word really meant. Using the word we were asked to create a 1-2 minute film. The brainstorm allowed us to put down everything we could think off relating to this word. it was difficult because there was several people missing from our group but I feel I generated lots of ideas for the group. The whole day was spent brainstorming if I could have redone this I would probably like to establish a defied route because although we did loads of ideas people weren't really enthusiastic about one subject.

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