Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Manifesto week

Surrounding this piece of text you can see images of the first planning stages for the manifesto project. This project would allow myself as a designer to create a personal manifesto. I used this day to brainstorm and work out what route I would like to go about when doing the manifesto. The pictures surrounding this shows the initial ideas of everyone next to each other by doing this it allowed me to compare and identify ways people are going about presenting there personal manifesto. I did find the planning stages slightly difficult because there was so many different ways I could go about doing the manifesto
                                                                                    settled for a questioning manifesto in the end.

This manifesto would allow to apply a series of questions only that would allow readers to question themselves and engaging them in something personal. Once I identified what I wanted to say the next stage was to see how I could present the pieces. Below you can see the different ideas I have generated from the project. It really helped to pile on the ideas and plot out as many as possible. I really love the ones with colour as they stand out the most to me. Doing this process I was then able to cut down the ones I did not think were as successful. I decided on a really simple design in the end, I think the design is really simple however the colour and the considered type makes the piece much more appealing.

Finished Manifesto
Above you can see the outcome of my manifesto. I really like the use of colours and the way the manifesto is simple yet powerful through the words. Although I really love this design during the Crit points were pointed out which I really agree with. The piece should be explore via different means such as printing. If you look below you can see how I have tried to develop the printing however it did not really turn out that well at all. The impression made however is really gritty and hand done. I like the above for its simplicity however I feel perhaps if I had more time to pursue the Manifeto project I would try otherways of making the piece personal such as illlustrative type.

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