Sunday, 17 November 2013

Graphics Pathway Physical Typesetting and experiment

This day allowed me to develop skills for Typography. Looking back at the first project I stated I wanted to evolve in my skills for Typography therefore this helped me in this quest. Using light boxes and thin paper I was able to trace over existing type- Gills Sans, Helvetica and Palatino. Using these existing typefaces we had to use adjectives and manipulate them so that they were enhancing the word itself.

In this pursuit I started the day by researching in the Study zone. Although we were set the brief I felt it would be appropriate to look at some words in the dictionary as well as other experimentation done by existing Graphic Designers. The whole day allowed me to experiment and explore different ways to suggest a word in a playful. As a future designer this practice Is very important as it let me be playful in determining how to present the words. I used my sketchbook to play about with positioning the words first just so I had an idea of how it would look on the page, if I  could redo anything I would probably have liked to use the light box more in the lesson to play around with the type instead of my sketchbook. Luckily however I have a light box at home so I could carry on with playing around with words. I did struggle at first when I began working because I wasn't sure what words to use and how to make the effective however when I started to pot the ideas in my sketchbook it all came to make the process quickly move.

During the lesson time I also was able to use the photocopier In an effective way by cutting our the letters and then arranged on the photocopier. It allowed me to produce loads of ideas in a quick amount of time as all I had to do was alter the letters. This process was harder than the original tracing because I was not able to see what the letters were positioned like an sometimes they photocopied in a wonky way. Yet this way of showing my ideas was still a really successful way of experimenting.


Although I like the cornwall name behind my name which I create digitally I really love  the printed version I did of the arrangement. The whole look is much more personal and stands out more to me. I wanted the piece to gain more of a personallity so I am really pleased the way the above came up. I can imagine using brown paper or creme paper to print on and then appear as a cd cover.

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