Friday, 22 November 2013

Graphics Pathway Indesign and Photoshop

So todays workshop allowed me to brush up on my software skills focusing soley on Photoshop and Indesign. I have used Photoshop many times and have a very good knowledge on the subject yet I have not really had a chance to use indesign therefore I was really excited to use the programme more. The brief was to create a film poster for the upcoming file 'The 33'. The film was set on the 33 miners who were buried in a mine fr nearly two months. We began the lesson as a class analysing posters we liked and commenting on the things we thought worked well. For instance the colours used and the representation of the imagery. Has a Graphic student  I feel I have the duty to make clear conscious choices.

The poster shown above shows my end result which in my eyes is not a conventialnal poster. I feel it could be worked more for example darkening the dirt to create a darker feel-representing the conditions of the miners. I like the idea of the hands reaching up it was meant to signify a piece of research I did- when the miners were first filmed after the collapse of the mines, all 33 waved. If you look at the hands they look like they are asking for help but they are also meant to show the optimisim that the miners had when they realised they were being rescued. Another section of the poster that I want to discuss is the typography. I wanted to steer away from the convential actors name in the top but instead use the names of the actors as part of the poster translation. I positioned the type and kerned it all so it looked tight and cramped again referencing the conditions of the miners. The next thing was descided the 33 typeface I wanted it to have a gritty feel to the type which is why I chose to use the one I did.

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