Friday, 22 November 2013

Graphics Pathway Research and book cover workshop

Below you can see my finished book cover, for this task we were given a choice on various subject to choose from to research and develop a book cover/article. I decided to choose Typography as a source to research as I feel this is something which would benifit throughout all pathways. Using the learning centre meant I could read up on the history of typograhy and the translation of calligraphy to more rounded and considered typography, As well as all of this I look about the way typography can be played around with and translated for a much more visually exciting way. I basically wanted the plafulness to be clear in this design so i tried to just set the typoraphy together. Playing around with the different typefaces and positioning makes the piece look more visually interesting. Both sides are different just to emphasise the flexibility of typography. I wanted to keep the text colour black so that it matched with the black and white of a penguin furthermore it makes it clear and distinguished.

Above you can see my intial plans. I used the contextual research to help me in making the final pieces. I did find it hard at first to think of a way to create an effective design however once I did contextual research I was really able to define what I liked and what I didn't. During the research I was drawn by the constant different characteristics of a design. Each letter looked completley different but also radiated different mood. Because of this I wanted to make an adaptable design that showed this idea of the variety of type and highlighting the variety.


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