Sunday, 8 December 2013

Food Branding Finished Designs One

Food branding in my eyes was a flexible task which would allow me to take my project wherever I wanted to. The first task was to determine what food I would like to carry out. My idea was weird food so everything on the stall would have unusual combinations. The logo process was quite long but when desiging I wanted to carry out an indepth study to ensure the most effective logo. Once I came to a point of resoloution I added selections of chocolate to the logo to emphasise the menu which tailors mostly to chocolate. The finish result added to different items however was to vague and was not relevant in my eyes therefore My next task was to create a simpler food choice and tailor the logo to it as necessary.

As part as my research I was lucky enough to visit the Pop art exhibition at the Barbican. The barbican itself has a really amazing brand identity which I could moniter, the bins, coatroom and the walls were all a brand this made me think about how I could possibly take my project. It did inspire me because I was able to think about the importance of packaging as well as the colors that radiate from all the art work. I think the colour combinations were the inspiration point which I took back with me when working on my project. As well as the Barbican we went to an outdoor food market where we could see first hand existiing stalls and branding which I found really helpful. There were little touches such as skeletons hung up and wheelbarrows all little things which made the brand stronger and gave it a character. It is important to remember the company I am branding is a small foodstall therefore these characteristics are important.

I really like the above logo exploration because it really allowed me to explore the different combinations and choices which form my logo could be. I tried to plaay around with kerning, overlaying, colour and opacity. I enjoyed doing this and was eager to see how the two 'w' could interact with eachother. I like the way ths page is laid out and I hope this process is something I carry on doing throughout this foundation course. One aspect I really like is the colour combnations i think they compliment eachother very well and interact nicely.

This is my final logo in order to add some relevance to the chocolate idea I added chocolate melting from the top of the 'w' I like this feature becauase it adds character to the logo and also breaks up any sharp lines. The Logo can work with the circular design or on its own seen below in the apron form. Below you can see that the apron transends from the apron which I think is a really nice touch. The brand indenity is clear to see. The typeface for the brand is  gill sans condensed as I feel this makes the brand quirky and matches the kookiness of the brand's concept.

Above you can see the stall design created on Illustrator. I wanted to keep the carnival feel going on so I created a sort of freakshow inspired stall. The colours use the brand logo etc, and the brand expression of the geometric shapes are clear to see. Usin them keeps the whole brand tied together. Over all I really like this design and I think that the stall stands out and works with the grittiness of the London landscape. The only thing which I wish the logo was slightly more visble as I set the logo opacity quite low.

Above you can see the sticker design which would be used to seal the boxes in which the food would be packaged in. I wanted the geometric shape to be used to keep the identity. I chose to use a colourful palette so that the carnival- weirdness was brought out within even the packaging. However althouh I like the sticker designs above I think perhaps I should try to narrow down the options which are visible above. Below is the vest designs which could be worn by employees and sold. I think that the lighter colour works better on the red instead of the navy and is perhaps something I should change and ensure loks better.

Updated Food Branding
After my crit I was given constructive critisim as well as alot of praise. One of the points was to hint the brand as a food stall rather than leaving it less obvious. I agreed as I personally feel the logo could be applied to many industries such as clothing instead of food which is the obvious intent. I decided to take all this into consideration and to change elements in order to make the brand more successful. Below is my brand guidelines and a couple of examples.

 I really like my new and improved brand and really like seeing it in a brand guideline format. The exclusion line was difficult to begin with because I was not sure what it was however after doing a wee bit of research I was able to create it. I think that I was able to be more decisive and narrow down alot of things. The brand expression now has three different colours, blue, purple and a pinky brown. The three matches the three items on the menu. I think ensuring the colours to follow a more solid format keeps the brand tidy and more proffessional. I like the end result however if I could play around with anything I would perhaps think about using the other combinations of logos that I had worked previously because I really liked them.



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