Monday, 27 January 2014

3 Projects in two weeks

Irony Project
In this project I was asked to create an ironic piece using existing promotions. I decided to aim my attention onto L'Oreal and Kodak. I started out with this project a little stuck however after researching in a little more depth I was able to come to an idea. I think my overall achievement is really simple- I wanted the irony to be suttle so that it would take the viewer to actually realise the difference. In the L'Oreal alteration seen below you can see my outcomes, the main focus is on the application of beauty and the 'worth' of the person. 

 I feel that L'oreal promote the perfect image when in fact it does not exist, the celebrities used have flawless skin and perfect. This is not perfection therefore I wanted to play on taking away the makeup to show the real face of the celebrities. I changed the tagline from 'Because you're worth it' to 'Because you need it'. I wanted to find a real photograph of Eva Longoria without makeup however I couldn't so I had to manipulate the photograph using the original photograph and applying spots, bags and shine etc. I like the final image as it represents the expectations of celebrities and beauty in general. If I had longer I would look at other celebrities featured in L'Oreal.

The second company I focused on was Kodak, I am really interested in the current generation and the overuse of taking pictures. This once luxury has now become taken granted for and now people overtake photographs wasting the moment. Because of this idea I changed the tagline of Kodak's- 'Share Moments,  Share Life' to, 'Lose Moments, Share Life'. I really loved this play on this words and in order to put this in context I placed the tagline over images of people that are in amazing places with lots of people and instead of taking it in are just photographing the view. I would like to have develop this more if I had more time just to see how I could push this concept further.

Transforming Typography
This project was allowing me to transform a letter into an iconography, there was so many different ways to do this and because of this I did find it a little difficult. The more I challenged myself with different ways to do it I was able to narrow my selection down. Below are the final four set that I chose. The different Typefaces Which I have chosen as seen below is Gill Sans, Johnston, Galliard and Rosewood. I hand painted the lettering below therefore the precision is not perfect this is perhaps something more I would consider redoing. The act of selecting the Typeface I was going to use was really interesting, collecting Typefaces I like was something really new to me so I found this really good practice it also allowed me to appreciate the different characteristics of the type. I did find it hard sometimes deciding what type to use but when I started to transform it the type either worked or didn't so I was really pleased. This project was really vital as well to practicing for motion graphics as it allows me to consider the transformation between  the starting point to the end point. This project is defientley something I will keep trying again.

Cover Designs
I really enjoyed this project as it really allowed me to be more free, I am really glad that I could play around with illustration as it is a hobby of mine. I decided from the ultiimate beginning that I would not use a computer for creating the imagery just so that I could explore methods away from the computer. By doing this I was able to look into many different ways I could go about creating the cover. I opted to look at paper craft and using really colourful paper to create a fun and fresh way of showing the message. I looked at the artists Zim and Zou which really inspired my vivid colour choices. I also was able to discover the new method of  quilling which I attempted but however decided to create something differrent. I chose to carrying out a layered paper art which I then scanned in and edited the colours. There was many colours to choose once I did this and I was really happy with the end results. Adding the Logo and Type surrounding the imagery it created more of a proffessional feel. It was hard to select the final design however my arrival to the chosen (big design below) allowed me to really thing about the selection process and discovering the best ways decide what design to choose. Overall I really liked that I used a limited use of computers because it kept the design more thought out and hands on. If I had more time I would defiently look more into quilling because the end results for this method can be amazing.


Above you can see my final poster design. I actually really like the outcome of this piece, I wasn't sure how it would turn out but the end result is really colourful and really appealing. I am really glad I took the concept away from the clinical idea of growing organs and instead treated the idea of science but something fun and striking. The colours I tried to go for was vibrant and bold. Zim and Zou was my main inspiration as there work is really bold and delicate. The thing which I have learnt from doing this project is that using a computer does not have to be the only way in creating illustrations. I actually found something really relaxing with working with the paper by hand and handling the way I wanted it myself with a scalpel.


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