Thursday, 6 February 2014

Weather Workshops

Motion Graphic Workshop

John Salisbury is a Motion Graphic designer who has a lot of experience freelance and in industry which was why I was really happy when I was able to have tutorials with him. The two tutorial outcomes can be seen above- as I am doing Motion Graphics next year benefited me well. As well as this in the Weather project my outcome will be a motion graphic so this introduction to After Effects did widen my knowledge on the software. I want to develop my skills with this software.

As well as learning so much about after effects John Salisbury's talk was really inspiring. During the talk he discussed his work as well as existing powerful motion graphics within industry now. After listening to the talk I was really influenced and even got to discuss with him afterwards life in motion graphics industry. As I am doing motion graphics next year it has given me a great insight into the working life. I have also decided from the talk and workshops that I want to create a Motion Graphic for this project.

Book Binding workshops

During the weather project we have had numerous amounts of workshops to attend once signed up for. I luckily got the chance to do all as I signed up for all. Two of the others were soft binding and hard binding workshop. both taught by different tutors was incredibly insightful and opened my eyes to a new technique which I have yet to carry out- hence adding to new possible ways to carry out. The two different tutors which taught this workshop was Lydia Thornley and Ana. The two different tutors showed either soft binding or hard binding. I found soft binding a much more creative way to work and opened my eyes to stretching the properties of a book and manipulating a book to relate even a word.

The soft binding could be achieved rather easily by using different pieces of paper. This workshop made me think more about the different papers that could be altered in order to fix a certain industry or client. The hard book binding require a lot more steps however the finish product looked really professional and even shop brought! The hard book binding defiantly made me thing of more interesting ways to present my work as on the future it will be vital when presenting work to clients in having a very interesting pitch to draw them in. Presenting sketchbooks or even collections of photographs in this way could be really interesting and make my work stand out- as I can tailor the design of the book to my specification something very important. 
Typography Workshop
This is someone's work in the class that I really liked
Talking about kerning the word

As well as all the other workshops I was given the opportunity to work with Soofiya to produce a typographic piece. Typography is hugely important in Graphics and within Motion graphics (as this is my course next year) therefore this element is defiantly worth practicing. Soofiya gave each of us a word in which we had to cut out and then individually Kern depending on our opinion. Once we kerned the work we then deliberated in front of everyone in the workshop. I was the last one to deliberated by and I got really good feedback, all the kerning was correct all I needed to do was rotate the letters so they were straighter.

Once the kerning process was complete we were able to use the photocopier to manipulate the word and create a weird looking almost deformed word. This process was really fun and was create simply moving the piece of paper whilst it was getting scanned. Each time i did this the copy turned out differently and after several goes I got the hang of it. Below are my finished words. As you can see they are all different, I will most likely carry this out again on future projects as it took me away from the computer and opened my eyes to kerning the words. At the end we had a crit and I was praised by Soofiya as she thought I was very good at making connective and narrative connections to the types shown by everyone. 

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