Monday, 27 January 2014

Data Translation

The Data Translation brief gave me a chance to create a piece of work reflecting a piece of data. I decided to do a piece on David Bowie and every word ever mentioned in all his songs. This lengthy task was challenging times- especially collecting the data, I had to organise and get lyrics on nearly 300 songs. However the finish collection in itself was amazing and the finish collection was nice in itself. I used the data I collected and organised it selecting words that were negative and positive seen below.  I also highlighted how many times names were mentioned. Because when I showed my tutors and fellow students the data I collected many were interested in the data itself I made it into a book. You can see below I used type stamps to create the cover. However I think it is lacking colour which is why I want to explore this more and Seen perhaps use the poster you can see below.

Above are pages of research I did on David Bowie, this research did really help me, but what helped me even more was the colours that radiate from the pages. If you look at my final outcome from these pages you can see just how much the colours help me. Adding this relevance links the final outcomes to Bowie even more.
This was one of my posters that I did not get to finish. The piece included every single word in David Bowie making over 4000 words. It was very time consuming and the posters size was incredibly long however the file corrupted and I was sadly not able to finish the piece is therefore I had to go back ad choose a new idea.

The graphic Design studios Moraq was a huge inspiration. The studio use vibrant colours within their type creations as well as there appliances they design. The bright colours was something I wanted within my final piece  as I feel not only does it make the typography so much more exciting it really fits David Bowie's personna.
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Before the poster you can see below I made a really long poster that featured all 3000 words placed onto it, however the file errored and thus I lost all the work which took me around 10 hours to arrange. However It gave me another chance in making a new poster which is the one you can see below! I highlighted several words plus the most popular etc. The numbers represent the frequency of the word. I like the piece because it extremely colourful much like David Bowie therefore I think it fits it well. I use Old Press as the Typeface and used a grid in order to keep the words tightly together and organised. The bigger the word the more the word is frequently used. If I could improve this or I had more time I would try to include all the words- However this would take a lot of time so sadly i could only choose some.

Above is my final book using my poster as the cover. I really love how the development and the final outcome was sort of able to become one. The book becomes something discreet and physical to hold. You wouldn't initially think that the data translation is the cover which I really like. The colours reference David Bowie and his flamboyant costumes and style. I overall am really happy with the outcome and would defiently create another version for a different artist if I had more time.

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