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week 7 FMP Project

(All images on this post is Author's Own)
Week seven is the final week to create all my work and therefore it was vital that I pushed to complete all my work! Continuing on this week I completed my Motion Graphic. The piece did see me come to many problems. Firstly I was running out of time due to being slightly being on my time management in order to overcome this I had to push myself to meet a new action plan I made for the remaining time I had this helped a lot as it allowed me to really target what I needed to do. As well as this I found it really hard to translate some of my ideas in my book onto the software. I am not that well used to the software and I think this was one of the reasons I struggled with the time frame, it took me time to figure how to create something. However the process at the end of it was really amazing as I was really able to learn a lot of skills.

 I love the use of colour I put into the design, I was really worried that the lack of red would take away from the relevance however the colour works very well and in fact makes the designs so much more vibrant and bold. I was influenced by Morag studio and there wonderful colourful sleek typography work. I think that the  colourful reference really resignated with me. I think also that the colour relates to my target audience strongly and banishes any idea of clinical looking designs and replaces it with something fun and independent from medicine. I think my design really tailors to my target audience and gives a new perspective. My only disappointment was the fact I was not able to add more detail pattern work, I think that it was my limited knowledge of the software that didn't allow me to achieve this. 

Screen Grabs from my Final Motion Graphic ( Authors Own) 

Creating my business cards  
This FMP has been really fun and I have been able to enjoy throughout the course. As well as a motion graphic I have  begun to design other elements to my campaign. This includes a colourful set of business cards or as I like to refer to them as fact cards. The Business cards just simply says- Donate blood once, save 3 lives. Carrying from the Motion Graphic I have been able to continue with my vivid colours. The quote cards have been created completely by hand in contrast to the motion graphic. I used a lino print and sponge printing to create the design.

I really like these little cards as they begin to bring the whole identity together. Also this will allow people at the exhibition to take my card and really question whether they want to give blood or not. It was also nice because I was able to put into practice many of the hand made things that I researched and noted. Such as the handmade wallpaper in Ightham House, the hand written type by Mike Perry or even the Book of Kells. I think another factor as to why I didn't want to make the pieces digitally was because of the mono printing developments I carried out. I really loved the finished outcome of the prints as they just looked natural relevant to natural science and blood. 
Inspire cards as a set- Showing the beautiful colours

Zoomed in shot showing the intricate pattern create with lino print

The banner designs you can see here and above were again influence by the hand made artists but as well as this I was inspired by Morag Myerscough studios which use vivid colour within there work as well. I envisioned these banners to work in a similar way as a poster- meaning the signage would be around a University for instance subtly suggesting the idea in a visually lovely way. I used Mike Perry as one of my main inspirations as I really loved his handmade lettering which are quirky and work so beautifully. I really wanted to create something different from an 'ordinary' poster so I chose to create so beautiful hand made type exploring again the use of colour. 
Authors Own, 2014
Finally as well as the banners and fact cards I designed some Tattoo Transfers. I think this is such an amazing idea, specifically for young people as it is really hipster and interesting. It also gives young people a slight incentive to go and understand that Giving blood is something amazing. The image withe the full body arteries is the tattoo design I opted to go for this design and keep changing the colour for a beautiful effect. I used the same colour palette which I used for my motion graphics. This allowed the colours to create more of a brand identity. That is one think which I could have improved throughout my whole project. There is such a huge amount of different colours that perhaps it is harder to brand. However I think the colour creates a much more fresh and vibrant feel that ultimately targets young people. Another aspect of the tattoo designs that I really love is the fact I create some big enough to fit on the wrist but also some that can fit on your fingers. I think these will be really popular at the exhibition and people will think about my project when they wear it. I used the imagery of the full body arteries that I accumulated in my research stage to help me create this design. This design also appears in my motion graphic and therefore keeps relevance. 

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